Yakiniku, The Japanese Steakhouse

Our homage to an American style steakhouse, as seen through the eyes of a Japanese chef. The word yakiniku literally translates to "grilled meat". In Japan, yakiniku meat is served thinly sliced and raw, to be grilled by the guest tableside. At Ushabu, we butcher, age, cure, season, and cook larger format cuts of protein for you. Some are grilled over our binchotan charcoal fire, some seared in cast iron pans, all are sauced, seasoned, and presented to you with fresh wasabi, house steak sauce, ginger, and your choice of small plates, side dishes, and starters.

ono farms a5 bms 9 filet mignon

binchotan charcoal grilled, japanese beer basted

100g – 90
200g – 170

first light farms grassfed wagyu boneless ribeye

aged 30 days in bottled in bond bourbon, binchotan grilled, wild mushroom brown butter

100g – 55
200g – 100

ohio raised certified angus prime bone in ribeye

hardwood smoked, seared in cast iron, tallow basted


pan roasted whole fish

changes daily, stuffed with japanese herbs, tsuke sauce


oven roasted half duck

tokyo onion and ginger marinated, plum ponzu glazed


belly on berkshire porkchop

spice rubbed, oakwood smoked, charcoal grilled chili miso glaze, and grated daikon



caviar service for the table

oscietra caviar, smoked char roe, masago, jams and preserves, cakes and pies, crackers and pickles

50 / per person

okinawan kim chi

cabbage, carrot, bitter melon, fermented habanero, citrus


house fermented pickle tempura

japanese ranch, togarashi salt, momiji oroshi


okonomiyaki fries

hand cut triple cooked fries, all dressed up as okonomiyaki


hiyashi chuka

cold ramen salad, sesame soy vinaigrette, scallion, citrus, pickled vegetables, silken tofu, seaweed salad


wilted black sesame shungiku greens

shiitake, goma dare, truffle, lemon zest


seven course tasting menu


optional upon completing a dinner reservation
all members of the party must partake
all dishes are at the chef’s whim
dessert is included
prepaid reservations only