the tensho embassy

20 february 1582, nagasaki, japan: in hopes of capitalizing on the revenue from the lucrative silk trade, european jesuit missionaries sent four young japanese men as ambassadors to europe. these young men were to serve as “living letters” to the pope, as well as the newly crowned king of spain, phillip ii. the idea was to convince the european nobility of the “good work” being done by catholic missionar-ies in japan, and their hope was to be rewarded with a larger portion of the profits from the silk trade. the boys, and their handlers arrived in lisbon, portugal on 13 august, 1584. the embassy spent 4 years traveling europe, meeting heads of state, visiting holy relics, interacting with social elites, and of course eating very well. this menu is an homage to their voyage. it is rooted in the ideas of cultural plu-rality, sharing of technology, and the exchange of ingredients and techniques. In the spirit of exchange, chefs of local european restaurants have graciously provided us with ingredients and recipes for some of the dishes. the country of origin, as well as chef and restaurant, are noted on each dish. some of these dishes fuse flavors, while others taste distinctly of their home countries

yellowfin carpaccio

yuzu, fennel, tamari, calabrian chili, olive oil, smoked paprika


steamed madai

charred onion, dashi, nasturtium, sencha



genmaicha, foie gras, matsutake, nori, shiitake, apple cider


yaki onigiri

seared rice balls, fukijinzuke, preserved citrus, ume, shiso


piexinhos da horta e bacalhau

tempura fried salt cod and green beans, milk aioli, lemon, parsley


polpette di vitello

roast veal loin aged for 9 days in butter, braised semolina vermicelli, veal soubise, exotic spices, italian herbs



cheese and herb pie, brown butter candied pine nuts, watercress and violet salad


seven course tasting menu


served in succession
all members of the party must partake
all dishes are at the chef’s whim
dessert is included
prepaid reservations only

40/drink pairings