zensai // 8

okonomiyaki french fries

froed potato croquette, all dressed up like okonomiyaki

wagyu beef skewers

kabayaki, black sesame, pickled ginger


fried rice balls, spicy daikon, salbitxada, cured and smoked egg

chicken thigh yakitori

soy cured soft yolk, togarashi, spicy cress

broccolini gomaae salad

black and white truffle, sesame

moyaiu // 12

tempura fried avocado

shrimp shell powder, sesame kewpie, truffle, nori, egg yolk

grilled stuffed shishito peppers

spicy tuna, cured egg, garlic, nori, sesame

ohio wagyu gyoza

wild mushroom sauce, scallion, fried greens

wagyu bone marrow

wild herbs and flowers, chestnut dorayaki, japanese whiskey wash

seven course tasting menu


optional upon completing a dinner reservation
all members of the party must partake
all dishes are at the chef’s whim
dessert is included
prepaid reservations only