seven course teishoku

a seasonal representation
comprised of most the a la carte menu
and even a few surprises
dessert included
(available vegan/vegetarian)


the pumpkin patch bustles with families
so many traditions have been lost, not this one
it is much more convenient to buy a pumpkin
but its not as fun, and they don’t smell the same

pumpkin chawanmushi
matcha spiced pumpkin seeds, pumpkin oil


apple picking seems so quaint
it’s the kind of thing young husbands make fun of
and promise they’ll never get dragged into
until they taste that first honeycrisp
still full of life, seconds from its tree

foie gras mi cuit, apple butter, lapsang streusel, honey crisp apple, truffle


embarking on the first push through the brush
into a clearing of oaks
the smell of wet dirt and fallen leaves fills your nose
fall colors conceal a fluffy spot of gray and black
secret wild mushrooms at the base of a large oak

maple braised maitake mushrooms
toasted chestnuts, huckleberry jam


the tractor never moves fast enough for the kids
or the maze slow enough for the parents
the minutes, kids say, seem like hours
but the years, we know, pass like days

whole quail karaage
cabbage, sesame, asian pear


the trail bottoms out into a stream
water worn stones peak from the current
migrating fish rush to their final destination
one last commute before the close of business
emerging sporadically, abruptly, to hunt flies

smoked golden char roe temaki
anko, chashu, sushi rice, cured egg


the feeling of overheating with a jacket on
but shivering when you take it off
lets just sit down for a second
have a snack, and take it all in

chewy beet nigiri, nori, coca-cola


thirteen course kaiseki

one week advance reservation
available wed - sat
60 beverage pairings

175 per person

The Narrow Road to the Deep North

The Haiku of Matsuo Basho
expressed through
The Text of Ryori Monogatari

In the autumn night,
breaking into
a pleasant chat

uni nashimono, yuzu, nigorizakel

oh what loneliness … more desolate than Suma
this beach in autumn between each wave-break …
mixed with small shells,
the debris of bush-clover flowers

aji nigiri, katsuo tataki, genmaicha, spruce, pomegranate, ginger, shiso

a snowy morning--
by myself,
chewing on dried salmon

king salmon sashimi, maple smoke, goji berry, autumn olive

he does not even have
a pot in the colors of autumn
for fermented miso paste

tai, white miso, cedar, daikon, konbu, kabocha, maitake

the red, blazing red,
of the pitiless sun
– yet autumn in the wind

aged sake, matsutake, yuzu (lidded, perfumed)g

now that eyes of hawks
in dusky night are darkened . . .
chirping of the quails

uzura yaki, sansho, miso, karashi vinegar

the cool of autumn –
our hands are busy peeling
melon and eggplant

namasu, katsuo, irizake, miso

saying something,
the lip felt cold.
as the Autum wind.

shoga zake

so, to Futami,
like a clam ripped from its shell …
autumn's deepening now

asari suimono

night of the full moon!
the weather in the north land
so often changes

udon, black pepper, ume, farm egg, namadare

autumn moonlight--
a worm digs silently
into the chestnut

chestnut dashi

the sea darkening . . .
oh voices of the
wild ducks
crying, whirling, white

honenuki, duck stuffed with egg and kamaboko

five or six of us
lined up before the tea cakes:
the sunken hearth

tamago somen, anko